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We’re a team of experienced dog trainers and dog lovers who provide
hands-on education to enhance the lives of dogs and families.

At AZ Dog Sports, we believe a guardian should never give up on a dog for bad behavior, because behavior can be redirected with patience and the right education. We pride ourselves on following CCPDT guidelines in our training, along with adhering to APDT standards and are veterinary approved and endorsed.

We value and live by a positive reinforcement philosophy and have a deep-seated love for animals and passion for what we do.Save

At AZ Dog Sports, you pick the training option that's right for you!Save

Our dedicated trainers will educate you through a variety of classes on how to:

Solve unwanted behaviors
Have a better connection with your dog
Take your dog to the next level of obedience
Discover a new sport or activity with your dog

Along with our classes in dog obedience, sports, agility and puppy training; we also offer Board & Train services. We even have a dog trainer development program!  Our AZ Dog Smart Academy is a comprehensive certification program for becoming a dog trainer

Whether you need dog training to create better behavior for your dog, or if you want to become a dog trainer yourself; when working with us, you’ll receive the hands-on support and education you need to achieve the goals and success you desire. Our team’s vast knowledge, many years of experience and broad array of specialty training, equips our clients and students with the information they need in order to thrive.

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dog training phoenix, dog behavior training At AZ Dog Sports Our Philosophy is: Never Give Up On A Dog For Bad Behavior They Can Be Helped With The Right Motivation!
Ready for a Career That Gives Rewarding Results? Live Fulfilled By Bettering The Lives of Dogs and Humans AZ Dog Smart Academy - A School For Dog Lovers and Trainers